The age of mystery cults and gate keepers is over. Making knowledge accessible to everyone is my mission! 

I am a graphic, web, and motion designer, as well as a producer of explainer videos, with over five years of experience. My expertise lies in assisting businesses and academics in effectively communicating complex concepts through clear, accurate, engaging, and visually compelling designs. I excel in public speaking and simplifying intricate ideas for diverse audiences, whether presenting products to customers or discussing design and communication strategies with technical leads. 

My proficiency in leveraging the latest technologies enables me to create visuals and develop branding and design systems that effectively convey brand messages and values, fostering strong customer connections.

My passion for consistency and structured documentation enhances efficiency and facilitates the development and reuse of designs, thereby strengthening customer loyalty to products. I love collaborating on the design of processes that enhance work efficiency and benefit every team member. I specialize in planning and facilitating workshops, which I believe are the optimal method for making cross-team decisions.. But above all, I value honesty and respect, which are fundamental to successful collaboration, and I am committed to accessibility, fairness, and most of all historical awareness in my work.

Explainer videos are the didactic medium of the future. We decide today what this future will look like.

As more and more companies, think tanks and media institutions embrace explainer videos, we are at a pivotal point to shape this future together. Christoph Kulgemeyer, Professor for Didactics of Physics at the University of Bremen, highlights that the biggest challenge of this medium lies in its core objective – understanding – which is often prematurely created by prioritizing entertainment value and the lack of accurate illustration.

My vision is to develop the explanatory video into a medium in which an actual and not an illusionary understanding is created; it must be a medium that combines scientific rigor with aesthetic and entertainment value.



My goal is to create scientifically sound, entertaining and aesthetically pleasing explanatory videos on what is commonly referred to as theory, accompanied by publications, presentations and social media posts.



Minimalism means that only what is necessary remains. It is standardization and clarity.



Scientificity means as little (new and personal) as possible. It is as much fidelity to the source as possible.


Aesthetic Formalism

Formalism means that the envelope itself is a letter, when the appearance is analogous to the logic of the content. It is to be desirable, is to be seductive, is to be Παρράσιος.



Accessibility means to interest as many people as possible. It is to be as comprehensible as possible.