My mission is to convey theory visually in a structurally homologous design revealing the beauty of theory

My mission is to create scientifically sound, entertaining and aesthetically pleasing explanatory videos on what is called theory. There are already explainer videos on many topics, but outside of STEM subjects, especially in the humanities, there are few videos that fulfill all three expectations. Either they are not entertaining, use visuals in an unconscious way or are academically correct.

My goal is to communicate complex theories in a way that cuts through the noise of the random and ill-considered, removing all unnecessary elements so that only the essential information remains. By combining rigorous academic standards with engaging storytelling and elegant imagery, we aim to make learning both accessible and entertaining.

Scientific Rigor

I follow the doctrine of science as my guide for aesthetics and content. My videos should be scientifically rigorous.  They are based on authoritative publications and pay strict attention to accuracy. These videos are completely free of personal opinions and present only well-founded knowledge, without excluding controversies in the topic at hand.

Aesthetic Formalism

I follow Hegel in his assessment of aesthetics: the medium is the message. The way in which the theory is implemented visually must therefore be carefully considered. Explanatory videos should use visualizations that avoid any kind of poetics and instead form topologies structurally perfect homologous to the content. Rather then illustrationg theory they are its praxis.

Accessible & Entertaining

I believe that the time of mystery cults, cliques and initiations is over. The videos should be entertaining, they should make you want to watch them; all this while maintaining formalism and rigor. Some theories are characterized by the struggle for access. This should be maintained formally, but in as entertaining a form as possible. An entertaining presentation does justice to theory itself, because it is based on desire.

Hegel’s dialectic of being explained


I envision a world where complex theoretical concepts are accessible, engaging, and visually stunning, where theory is presented in a way that is as beautiful and structured as it is, where theory looks cool and sexy.

The explainer video is the medium of the future. There will be more and more explanatory videos on every conceivable topic. We can now decide what this future of explainer videos will look. As Kulgemeyer has already recognized, the biggest problem with this medium lies in its own goal, namely understanding, and the fact that this occurs prematurely and illusionarily, which is due to the preference for entertainment value or non-rigorous illustration. This must be prevented.

Koyré’s theorems: (1) There is a break between ancient epistèmè and modern science. (2) Modern science is Galilean science, whose epitome is mathematized physics. (3) By mathematizing its object, Galilean science strips it of its sensible qualities.

Jean-Claude Milner




Minimalism means that only what is necessary remains. It is standardization and clarity.



Scientificity means as little (new and personal) as possible. It is as much fidelity to the source as possible.


Aesthetic Formalism

Formalism means that the envelope itself is a letter, when the appearance is analogous to the logic of the content. It is to be desirable, is to be seductive, is to be Παρράσιος.



Accessibility means to interest as many people as possible. It is to be as comprehensible as possible.